The best locations to learn Spanish in beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica – the country boasts of more teachers than policemen. This small, peaceful, democratic republic is increasingly becoming the dream destination for students from around the globe.  And why not?

 Experience the natural beauty while immersing in culture, is the best way to pick up the language. As a place to learn Spanish, there really is no comparison to Costa Rica.

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 Costa Rica’s tourism by far surpasses all other in the region. It is amongst the most visited nations in the world. Eco-tourism forms another major mainstay as lots of visitors come over here to visit the protected areas all round the country.

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The country is widely known for its rich geographical features. It will give you great opportunities for kayaking and rafting through its vast reserves of white waters. You cannot afford to miss the names of the Rio Pacuare River and Rio Reventazon River in this regard

As a place to study, Costa Rica is like no other. Students can learn Spanish by the beach and go on cultural visits outside class. This paradise location has much to offer students. There is a wide selection of language schools in towns such as Heredia or the capital San Jose.

Costa Rica isn’t for everyone.  Main land Spain is cheaper to get to for people from Europe. The Canray islands is also a great option






Babel Language Academy in  Tenerife, South – One of the best language academies on the island. They offer a range of Spanish classes on the island. They are open to student from all over the globe. Babel Language Academy ( website)BLA g+

A good thing about studying Spanish in the Canary islands, it the flights are much cheap for people in Europe. Obviously this is not the case if you live in the US. - get more information here!

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